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frequently asked questions

about dogecoin athletics

2.  How can I get Dogecoins?  Go herefor very simple directions.  You can get some free Dogecoin in minutes in 2 simple steps!

3.  Where is the option to pay with credit cards?  In support of the adoption of Dogecoin digital currency, Dogecoin Athletics apparel can only be purchased with Dogecoins.

4.  What about returns and exchanges?  Returns and exchanges will be honored for merchandise that is deemed to be unused and can be restocked.  Purchaser is responsible for all extra shipping costs.  Email for a Return Authorization #.

5.  Can I cancel a pre-order?  Yes, just send us an email and we will cancel your order.  You will be refunded your coins minus the .5 percent transaction fee charged by our payment processor.

6.  Do you convert your Dogecoins from sales back to U.S. Dollars?  No, we are true believers in the future of Dogecoin and are holding onto our digital currency as an investment into its future.

7.  How do I get Dogecoins when paying with Paypal? You will receive a redemption code on your receipt.  Email us (from your purchase email) with your code along with your wallet address and we will send you $1 worth of Dogecoins ($1 value at the time of transfer).

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1.  What is Dogecoin?